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International Steering Committee

International Steering Committee


Under the strategic guidance of the Council, the Steering Committee provides organisational and technical supervision for the execution of the Feasibility Study. Specific tasks include:

establishing the Feasibility Study work programme in line with the high-level goals set out in Section II above;

• receiving reports on the progress of the individual work packages;

• evaluating milestones and deliverables to ensure consistency in implementation and

• compliance with the work plan;

• appointing international experts to serve on the Scientific Advisory Committee and members of the Coordination Group.


The committee is composed of up to 12 members:

• the Director-General of CERN, who chairs it;

• the members of the CERN Directorate;

• the Chair of the Collaboration Board;

• up to five further members from among the participating institutes, appointed by the Collaboration Board, to ensure appropriate technical and geographical diversity as well as ownership of the Study by the community;

• the Study Leader (without voting rights).

The Steering Committee is attended by the President of the CERN Council in an ex officio, observer capacity.



The Steering Committee typically meets three times a year, and the minutes of the meetings are made available to the Council.

The Steering Committee reports to the Council and presents updates on the progress of the Feasibility Study at each Session. It is expected that strategic decisions by the Council with respect to the Feasibility Study will be taken on the occasion of these reports and in accordance with the usual procedure, e.g. on the basis of documents submitted to it and its subordinate bodies ahead of the Sessions. The Council may also wish to consider scheduling an extended discussion of the Feasibility Study, once a year, with the participation of members of its subordinate bodies and other experts, as needed