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Collaboration Board

Collaboration Board


The Collaboration Board brings together representatives of the institutes involved in the Feasibility Study, which are currently mainly focusing on R&D and design study activities. They represent the worldwide FCC community and form the core of the Feasibility Study, providing human and other resources for the execution of the Study. Specifically, the Collaboration Board:

• Reviews the work needs and resource requirements and their sharing among the participating institutes;
• Appoints up to five members of the Steering Committee from among the participating institutes.
• Channel contributions from Participants of the Collaboration aiming at a geographically well-balanced and topically complementary network of contributions


The Collaboration Board is composed as follows:

• One representative per institute contributing to the Feasibility Study, having signed the FCC MoU and whose participation has been approved by the Collaboration Board;
• a representative of CERN as one of the participants in the Feasibility Study.

The FCC MoU for the first phase of the Study is being updated to cover the Feasibility Study. The current participating institutes who wish to take part in the Feasibility Study can continue to participate on the basis of the previously signed MoU until the updated MoU is signed.


The Collaboration Board elects its Chair from among its members, and typically meets once a year.